Buying a House

Dreaming of Home

It all begins with a dream. You dream to live closer to work. You dream of a second home that fits the lifestyle you want. You dream of a family home where you and your family can live comfortably. You begin to think of what you need, balance it out with what you want to come up with the perfect picture of your dream home.

Now that you figured out your dream home, we can help you out by introducing you to our products. Use our Compare Homes section to compare and contrast DMCI Homes properties that would fit your idea of a perfect home. Our properties are a vision of the owners dream. We live it by crafting each community with expertise, and refining every detail into havens that he envisioned. We see to it that your dream home can be real

Fun with Imagination

Make it Happen

1. Reserve your desired property Accomplish the Client Registration Form provided by your Property Consultant (PC). Once this has been accomplished, the PC will prepare a Computation Sheet detailing the payment scheme that will be applied for your home purchase. This process usually takes 3 working days from date of receipt. Lastly, you will be requested to sign the Reservation Agreement, and to settle your Reservation Fee.

2. Select your payment scheme Choose the payment scheme that you will be availing for your home purchase. There are three available modes of payment: Cash, In-house Financing, and External Financing, which can be discussed to you by your accredited Agent.

3. Prepare the necessary requirements The final step is to prepare your documentary requirements. 

Contract Review
Leasing a Home

Home Owners Manual

DMCI Homes Property Owner

Comprehensive Buyers Guide Manual

Here's your comprehensive guide to owning a property at DMCI Homes and maintaining your dream home at its finest.